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Unconsciously, I started at some point listening to music when I was crafting a novel. Recently the topic of music came up in a conversation and I did a quick Google search for how “music + brain = creativity”.

There were multiple articles centered specifically on Jazz music and how a jazz musician’s brain works differently when they are playing that particular kind of music. I found other articles on how the creativity and imagination are stimulated when listening to music.

I then searched on “writer + playlist”, but didn’t come up with much other than Philip K. Dick listened to classical music while working. Thus, I started creating my own folders that represented types of scenes I’d be writing. Then I dumped different music into those folders; music that would make me think / feel that type of scene, such as:

  • Battles
  • Hearts Connecting
  • Chase
  • Traveling
  • Mystery
  • Loss or Want
  • Mystical
  • Internal Reflection
  • The Party
  • Questing

That’s my list for now. I expect as I listen to more music and write more scenes I’ll get more categories.

What’s next?

  • Get your playlist together
  • Put on the headphones
  • Stimulate your creativity and imagination
  • Start writing