My Writing Credits

I’m published in the following places:


Contributing author to a few short stories found in the Book 1 & 2 compilation: Science Fiction Short Stories Books 1 & 2: Twelve Engaging Sci-Fi Tales (One Mind, Different Voices Series) ASIN: B00OVH8C7G

Updated book cover 2017:










Flash fiction: Portal, is a 100-word flash fiction found in this 100 author anthology, published by Dreamscape Press. The anthology can be found here in Kindle & paperback format.



Sci-Fi short story: My Brother’s Keeper is part of a self-published anthology with four other authors. This story can be found in LOST: Science Fiction Short Stories Book 2, ASIN: B00C9289UU

Updated book cover 2017:










Sci-Fi short stories: The Waters and Reaping the Whirlwind are part of a self-published anthology with two other authors. These can be found in SECRETS: Science Fiction Short Stories Book 1, ASIN: B00BP2USRW

Updated book cover 2017:


Poem: The Hateful Rain – published in the vanity press, The Colors of Life, by The International Library of Poetry (now owned/hosted by ), 2003 , ISBN: 0-7951-5239-6


Poem: Today I Wake – published in the vanity press, Voices Net 9 Vol4, by The International Poetry Publication (, 2004


Fantasy short story: Barding My Time – contest winner, which included publication in the speculative fiction ezine, Deep Magic, June 2005


Inspirational Short story: Free At Last – published in Broken Lives, Mended Spirits by Bayside Church in Granite Bay, CA, 2006


Devotional for writers: Burning the Bacon – published in Words to Write By, compiled by Robin Bayne, 2008, ISBN: 978-1-932695-79-3


I’ve also found myself an avid participant each November of National Novel Writing Month.

I’ve participated nearly every year since 2005. Writing 50,000 words in 30-days has really demonstrated that writing a novel (and other types of writing) is a doable activity.

In addition to the mission statement, this blog is in part my journey in the writing process, the writing life and future realized publication.


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