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I’m currently sitting in the terminal at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport waiting for my flight home. This has been my first chance to breathe and reflect on my trip.

Last night I got back to my hotel about 6pm, turned on the SyFy channel for background noise and began editing a novel. Before I knew it, time had flown by and it was well past my bed time. Yet a sense of accomplishment filled me, because I had gotten a great start on draft #2 of the novel.

Sitting here reflecting, I realized I had spent hours and hours editing, but not actually writing any new content. Isn’t a writer supposed to write? What happened to my 1,000 new words a day goal?

I could kick myself.

Yes, editing is obviously important. Yes, like many, I have limited time and I needed to do the editing at some point. But my goal should be to write first, followed by editing, research and all the other auxiliary activities.

Maybe I’m being too hard on myself. But, I’m off to write new words…then edit.