When it comes to writing, everyone has a favorite software program, such as:

Regardless of the preferred writing software, it still seems to be a standard user requirement to eventually get one’s documents ported to Microsoft Word format (*.doc, *.docx) for editing, sharing, and even publication submissions.

Question: If that is the case, why not simply use Microsoft Word as one’s word processor of choice?

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Possible Answers:

  • For some, they may not use MS Word because they are overwhelmed at the options available.
  • For others, they may simply not know how to leverage features to enhance their writing, like I did in this post on using macros to speed up editing.
  • For yet another group, there is always the anarchist types that simply hate the large companies on principal alone and boycott their products (Ah! The good old days, when Unix users wold hate on Microsoft to no end).

Regardless, since I’m in MS Word on a daily basis (whether I prefer to be or not), I found this TechRepublic article on 10 time-saving tips to speed your work in Word to be helpful. Hopefully this article will help others get the tool out of the way of one’s writing and/or help others leverage existing software functionality to speed up their writing.

Keep on putting words to paper!

Full link to article: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/microsoft-office/10-ways-to-speed-your-work-in-word/?ftag=TREe331754&bhid=22577408618140412535663731804482