Greetings all.

It has been over 18 months since I posted the Blog Series Finale.

Has my writing changed in ways (for the better) for all the reasons I quit blogging 18 months ago? Not really, if I’m being honest. Life continues to distract me as other priorities continue to fill my days (returning college student in my late 40’s, father to 4 teenagers, etc.).

In 2017, my 13yr old daughter and I started getting up 2hrs before my job start time. During this early morning, cup-o-Joe fueled sessions, she’d be on her laptop writing and I would be on my laptop writing. This resulted in the first draft to a book I’m currently calling, The Busy Person’s Guide to Write More: Getting New Words Written in the Midst of a Hectic, Inconsistent Schedule (let me know how that title sounds by leaving a comment).

This book title is the story of my life!!

Related to this, I find blogging as one of those activities that encourages me to write more during the day/week. Also, selfishly, blogging is more for me than anything else, which is why I’m considering a blog reboot.

For instance I keep coming across resources, tools, and advice on writing. I need a place to store those tidbits, so I can refer back each year. Today, I still refer back to blog posts from 2-3 years ago; using the tidbits in those posts to help me in my professional non-writing life and in my current writing projects.

Thus, this may be a new beginning and if someone else can benefit from the same writing help posted in this blog, then it becomes one small part of me paying it forward.

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