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The latest email promotion from NaNoWriMo arrived in my inbox and I thought I’d share it…especially for those that have yet to sign up and attempt this challenge. I would recommend use the next day or two to follow and read the links provided; reserving November for writing as a priority.


NaNoWriMo Logo

The Map to the Month is your guide to navigating “The NaNoWriMo Library” this month. If you add these noveling notes to your calendar, you’ll have nothing to worry about in November—aside from writing 50,000 words, that is.

To get you even more excited, we’re including a sneak peek at some new personal achievement badges that will be available beginning November 1.

Before you get into the dates…

Invest in your novel and support NaNoWriMo! If you haven’t already, make a small donation to support our nonprofit. You can also get sponsored by friends and family. (We couldn’t keep our sites or programs running without your support. Thank you so much!)

Novel Badge Today

In order to begin updating your word count on November 1, you need to create your novel profile. So if you haven’t done this already, get to it now!

Word Count Badge November 1

Bid your inner editor adieu, and start writing! Once you’ve hit your personal goal for the day (1,667 words?), make your first word-count update (from the menu at the top of our site).

November 2 November 2

Spend some time getting to know the NaNoWriMo community. Be sure to check out the forums, your region, and our outposts on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

November 3 November 3

Did you know that NaNoWriMo has a Young Writers Program? Nearly 100,000 K-12 students and 2,000 classrooms around the world will join you in the noveling challenge this year. Tell a child or teen about YWP and earn the “Next Generation” personal achievement badge.

November 4 November 4

After a few days of writing, you might be looking for some support. Join our Virtual Write-In at 3 PM PST (Your Time Zone) and boost your word-count alongside other Wrimos.

Not able to make this one? Don’t worry, we’ll be hosting Virtual Write-Ins every Wednesday at 3 PM PST and every Saturday at 10 AM PST.

November 5 November 5

Looking for more support? Jump on Twitter for inspiration, guidance, and word-count boosters from our NaNo Coaches and word sprinters. Also, our 2015 pep talkers will be keeping your inbox full of advice and encouragement.

November 7 November 7

Join us for Double-Up Donation Day! It’s the perfect chance for you to double your word count while supporting our nonprofit. Starting at 6 AM PST, expect a full day of awesome hourly prizes, Virtual Write-Ins (including one with Marissa Meyer at 12 PM PST!), and writing prompts.

November 10 November 8

The first week of NaNo comes to a close. Take a minute to cheer on a fellow writer, or share some advice in the forums, and then give yourself the “Wrimo Spirit” personal achievement badge.

November 9 November 9

Let the unimaginable happen to your characters, not to you. Back up your novel now, whether by cloud, email, or external drive (we like this one).

November 12 November 12

NaNoWriMo wouldn’t be the same without our Municipal Liaisons (local volunteers). They cheer you on, organize events, and help create our global community of Wrimos.

ML Appreciation Day is the time to say thanks: send a NaNoMail, start a thread in your regional forum, or give your ML a shoutout on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #WeLoveMLs.

November 15 November 15

Here in San Francisco, it’s the Night of Writing Dangerously. If you can’t make it in person, hop onto Twitter and follow along virtually.

November 18 November 18

Gather with other Wrimos in your region at a local write-in and earn the “Write Here, Write Now” personal achievement badge.

November 20 November 20

Winning starts today! If you’re at 50,000 words or more, click the trophy badge on your dashboard to begin the validation process. (Also, be sure you order a winner shirt to celebrate!)

November 21-30 November 21-30

You have one job to do: write like crazy. (Then follow the validation directions above to win.)

December 1 December 1

Celebrate! And then, keep writing—and keep the creative conversation going on nanowrimo.org. Check out our “Now What?” page for revision and publishing resources, and stick around for our year-round writing activities.


For your convenience, we have an exportable calendar and this email in bookmarkable formAnd if you’re looking for the basics, try the How It Works page or our FAQ.

November is your month, Wrimo. You’ve got this. And remember, we’ll be here for you every step along the way.

To writing with abandon,

Rebecca Stern
Director of Programs


Enjoy and keep on writing!