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Previously unbeknownst to me, two of my teens discovered and have been participating in a site called, figment.com. Today they decided to share this with me and what they’ve been up to on the site.

Screen Shot 10-11-15 at 10.11 PMimage from: figment.com


  • Sign up with an email or your facebook / twitter account
  • Read stories from any genre
  • Write your own stories and choose to share them or not (part of the point of the site is to make them available for others to read them and possibly give you feedback)
  • Choose to swap with other members. Swapping involves they read and comment on one of your pieces and you do the same in return
  • Earn badges for participating in different activities
  • Gain followers who like to read your writing
  • Enter contests and get your writing spotlighted for placing in these contests
  • Chat with other writers
  • Join groups of other writers with common interests or genre writing
  • Participate in multiple forum discussions on writing topics or off-topic threads
  • Make a poll or quiz or take one

As you can see from this list, there is plenty to do. . .of which the bulk revolves around reading, writing and connecting with other writers. For my teens it has been a great motivator to get them writing more now that they belong to a community of writers.

My first impression of Figment is, I like it. Not only do I like that it seems to be FREE, but unlike a critique focused site like Critters — which has very rigid  rules and expectations (all for a good reason and it works for their intended focus) — Figment is open to let writers connect and discover in different ways.

Maybe you too need to check it out and discover if Figment may help you write more, as you too connect with other writers. Keep on writing!