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Back in the day (maybe ten years ago), I use to be part of a Yahoo! Groups where collectors of Old Time Radio Shows (1930’s through 1950’s mostly) would share their collection of different shows with other members of the group. In the year or more I was a member, I think I collected over 100,000 hours of radio shows (that’s a lot!). The radio shows in many instances had a cast of actors playing the characters, accompanied by studio guys/gals providing sound effects. In its time, this was the weekly ‘TV episode’ before everyone had a TV in their home.

oldtimeradio-1-1(Image from: http://www.amoeba.com/blog/2008/09/eric-s-blog/the-death-of-old-time-radio.html )

You can get a lot of shows off the Internet for free here:

Switching gears, slightly. . .

I realize in the 2000’s that one could find story dramatizations in the form of podcasts, thanks to Apple and their iPod products. I could also get Old Time Radio shows converted to podcasts and delivered to my phone and listen to it similar to listening to an audiobook. I never found out if there was a Windows specific community, like the Apple podcast community, but often one could find the appropriate software for any device and use it to access a podcast.

Switching gears, slightly and hopefully pulling it all together. . .

I exercise on average 30+ minutes for 3-5 times a week. If the weather allows (108 this past Monday. Ack!), then I like to get out for a run, since I’m a half mile from the American River in California. This becomes a perfect opportunity for audiobook listening. Recently I discovered GraphicAudio.

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 (image from: http://www.graphicaudio.net/)

This site’s audiobook productions are top notch! They not only hire one or two actors to do the voice work, but have an entire cast of actors, with mood music, and tons sound effects. Its the best of audiobook and the best of Old Time Radio shows, but taken to an entirely new level (free short stories here).

As a reader, listening to stories in audio format uses an entirely different level of interaction and comprehension skills versus what is required when reading. As a writer, seeing how a company could potentially transform my story into ‘a movie in your head’ (as the tag line goes) is amazing.

I’m encouraged to keep writing to not only see my work in print/eBook — and with a cool cover — but see it converted to a GraphicAudio production or like audiobook. For others like myself, maybe having a new goal to get one’s story into audio formats may be another motivator.

Regardless the format, it still comes down to finishing my writing projects and getting the stories cleaned up and published. Find what motivates you and what goals you should set for yourself, but keep on writing!