Warning: A picture of a carcass below. If you get grossed out don’t go down to image #11.

I’m currently on vacation and captures some images as I was:

  • visiting the Asian market
  • spent way too much money at a local specialty bakery
  • was out for a scooter/bike-ride session with my daughter

Here are some images I captured on my phone that I’m using as writing prompts.

SIDENOTE: I realize I need to work on my picture taking ability. Sorry for the blurriness.

Goal is to use an image or several images to prompt some words to paper.



1. Yummy! That top one in the middle is Tiramisu, but it looks like a cookie cake.

2. Doesn’t UFC stand for Ultimate Fighting Championship? Also, what is banana sauce anyhow? I bought some to try!

3. The squid before it’s made into calamari

4. I have no idea what this seafood is, but it’s still alive and sitting in the water waiting for a customer to come deal with it.seafood2_2015-07-24

5. I’m not sure if these catfish make me think of kisses or spreading secrets with moths like those.seafood_12015-07-24

6. Not one of my favorites, but I know many really enjoy them.seafood02015-07-24

7. This is called Dragon Fruit and it looks like something out of a fantasy or sci-fi novel.dragonfruit_2015-07-24

8. I thought the parking lot of green carts was interesting. I’m sure Jackie Chan could make an entertaining fight scene with these.carts_2015-07-24

9. Another strange fruit from a far off planet. They look like maroon,round organismss with pink and green tentacles coming out.strange_2015-07-24

10. I loved how this guy not only has camo shorts, but a matching KNIT camo shirt. His clothes were salt-n-pepper camo and so was his hair. He really matched well.camo_2015-07-24


11. Sorry. This is an image of a deer carcass that has been deteriorating for at least a year since I first saw it along the side of the road. Someone pulled it out of the ditch and let the sun and elements get at it more, so it is less recognizable



Hopefully these images sparked some ideas and helped put words to paper. Keep on writing.