This week I was watching ‘pop’ songs from Youtube, when I came across the song, Bad Blood by Taylor Swift (ft. Kendrick Lamar).

After watching this video, my first thoughts were that Taylor Swift has definitely left Country and embraced pop/rap. Besides that, this is a mini-movie with a lot of speculative fiction elements. Since I like sci-fi, fantasy and action stories this video was generating all kinds of ideas thanks to the creativity of the video writers.

Some writing ideas I personally get from this music video:

  • Rival mercenaries, who’s paths keep crossing, as they try to one-up each other
  • Team of villains, with codenames
  • Androids who are recycled, then re-deployed for further field work
  • Field medic robots running to save the human fighters on the battlefield
  • Super-models who are trained as assassins and do hit jobs while visiting other countries under the guise of their photo shoot
  • Sci-fi cop duo who patrol colony sites to bring justice
  • A futuristic cage fight-to-the-death competition where you either kill your opponent or die, no escape

These may seem stupid and not really ideas but it works for me. I could take these initial thoughts and combine them with a problem or a ‘What if?’, then grow the idea into something more.

Today I also watched the video, Photograph by Ed Sheeran, and thought of a time-travel story across the lives of this person, as he meets himself in different times:

Since many of us are distracted by Youtube and other sites, let’s turn what was once wasted time into a semi-productive event by generating ideas and writing more from those ideas.

Keep on writing!