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Back on post 0115 – Free Flash Fiction Writing Course, we find an opportunity to learn more about writing flash fiction. Granted flash fiction isn’t for everyone and honestly for me I really only participate in it as part of my warm up before writing 1,600-2,000 words in an hour.

Since I published science fiction short stories (publication list here), I’ve been watching the Top Paid and Top Free Kindle sci-fi books on Amazon. A few times I’ve seen, 30 Second Sci Fi: Three Hundred and Sixty-five Stories of a Science-Fictional Nature  by Philip Trippenbach on the first page of results (top 20).


image from: http://30secsf.com/

I find Mr. Trippenbach’s effort genius. To put in words that apply to me specifically:

  • Daily I’m writing.
  • Daily I can choose the exercise of flash fiction as my warm up for other writing.
  • After 365 days, those flash fiction pieces can take on a different use; by being edited and published into their own book.
  • Another book in my portfolio may be very helpful to my writing career.

I love ideas where I’m killing two birds with one stone, and this is a perfect example of that. Being more efficient and purposeful with our writing, means saving time and getting more potentially publishable words onto paper.

Consider converting your daily writing prompts, timed writings and/or warm up exercises into something that can be published in the end. Maybe this will give those short writing sessions more purpose and benefit for you too.

Keep on writing!