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We homeschool our children and I’ve been leading my three youngest through a novel writing book and other creative writing exercises. As of late I’ve been swamped with work, as I’ve recently lost 40% of my team to attrition (one employee retired after 42years of service!) and I’ve been traveling. Plus I’ve been under the weather stuck in bed or serving in the church — so many irons in the fire.

My kids are a little stuck in their writing because dad (me) hasn’t been as involved and available the last few weeks. With only three weeks left of school I did a quick Google search for a filler plan or set of writing exercises. I stumbled across a Holly Lisle site and a Free Flash Fiction Writing Course.

Screen Shot 05-05-15 at 02.44 PMI remember reading Holly’s books back in the day and it’s always fun to find a liked author doing other things . . . such as offering a free writing course.

I signed up today and will see what is involved later tonight when I get home. But it’s free and it may help some of us with our daily writing habit.

Check it out. But keep on writing!!