I’ve been posting less frequently lately because I’m back taking college courses and training to run a half-marathon. My class is still ongoing for another six to seven weeks, but I finished the half-marathon distance this past weekend. Whew!

One of the items that has come up in my course is the college’s plagiarism policy. My professor sent us to the following site to educate ourselves, which is where I got this image link (see what I did there. . .I “cited” the source):


Whether you blog, write for your job, or any other media format where you take someone else’s work, simply follow one rule: give credit to the original source!

The college and the plagiarism site both say, anything less than citing the source is theft! Some may respond, “But I didn’t know adding that image to my blog was theft.” (Nixon’s famous quote about not being a crook comes to mind).

Don’t assume you know what is or isn’t considered plagiarism. The college told us this assumption is one of the biggest mistakes people (not just students) make. Too often what we don’t think is plagiarism is actually stealing someone’s rights and property.

Do yourself a solid and take some time to read through the site to better educate yourself. If anything, the golden rule applies here too. As an author, if someone uses something I write, I’d appreciate the credit. Shouldn’t I do the same in return?

Let’s all be more careful and keep on writing.