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Sat down last night with every intention to do one of two things: work and writing

Did neither. Couldn’t focus. This morning discouraged.

I’ve taken up running and am up to twenty miles in a week. So I decided to get on the scale and haven’t lost any weight in the past four weeks. With twenty-five pounds to lose, this further discouraged me and I wanted to eat cookies for comfort food (but I didn’t, but not for lack of thinking about it a lot).

So today:

  • I got back on track with the eating
  • Did a lot of work
  • Am blogging now
  • Will do other writing after this

Like all obstacles and distractions, they will be there. Obstacles are part of life.


Like all successful people, we need to:

  • Let the obstacles and distractions roll off
  • Pick ourselves back up
  • End the pity party and reset if needed
  • Go at it again through will power — and for others of us, through our higher power

Most important, do a little each day. For me this blog post is right around 200 words, because every little bit counts and will pay off over time.

Whatever your obstacles, reset and keep writing.