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First off, Happy New Year to everyone!!


Second, let me assure this is not going to be another new year post about setting writing resolutions (well not exactly) or how to lose weight & eat healthier in 2015. All those things are good, but I expect others are just as tired of hearing the same resolution message as I am.

Third, I’ve been very, very busy with taking a fifteen-week college course crammed into a three-week session. Not a way I’d recommend a returning student to reboot their college experience. . .it’s a lot of work!! This combined with sitting behind the wheel as we drove across states during the holidays has made blogging a challenge.

Fourth, and why this blog is titled what it is, has to do with a conversation I was having with a friend of mine. My friend is a Math genius. I say this to highlight there is something about him that makes him stand out from many others within our circles of influence.

He and I were talking about people being “special”. He called out that people who are great at sports, science, math (like him) or take your pick of a profession / area of study have something to offer and admire. But it’s writer’s who have a true super power!

He continued to explain his thoughts about writing:

  • writing can start a revolution
  • writing can changes lives (for good or bad)
  • writing can create bridges that couldn’t have been made between people from different “sides of the track”
  • writing can leave a legacy

The concept of leaving a legacy has ties to, immortality. Our writing can / will outlast us. We are all leaving a legacy in the financial decisions we make, the children we raise, the relationships we foster and lives we touch. But writing has the capacity to outlive all these, including our children’s children children. Our writing has the ability to move people to change for generations to come.

We don’t have to be born with the ability to write like one might be born with the powers of flight, invulnerability or x-ray vision. Writing in all it’s “power” can be a learned skill.

So what are you writing?

How are you using your super power today?

Keep on writing!!


Set the timer for 10-minutes and try this writing prompt.

Writing prompt #0048


Take a moment and think BIG! Dream a bit about what your writing could turn into if obstacles were removed. Then write how your “super power” will influence for generations to come