Back on post 0078 –  Picking a Writing / Novel Software Package I covered how I was using Evernote to write novels / books, since I can get it on any device and use it to organize the parts of my project. In post 088 – Triple Your Words Written Per Day, I was using Evernote to dictate my blog writing and then I would later go back and edit the transcript.

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Since winning NaNoWriMo 2014, all winners were given a 50% discount on Scrivener. So many people I run into swear by Scrivener. Nearly every blog or article I find says it’s totally work the $40 full price!! Today I’m starting to go through the tutorial and learn how it works.



In either case, I found this great article that shares one viewpoint on how you can use the best features of Scrivener and those of Evernote for your writing projects. The article is not a blog, but a fairly detailed article length piece.


Well worth the read. Keep writing!