I’m not always so well planned that I have good timing on events. But this year, I pretty much finished participating in a Biggest Loser weight loss contest at work at the time National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) 2014 started on November 1, 2014.

This meant that the one to three times a day I was exercising (morning walk, lunch run, evening weight training) is now being spent on writing. I simply can’t seem to find the time to do both without giving up one or the other.

Point in case, I woke up at 3 AM and started writing. I’m a bit behind schedule for the month, so I closed the gap on my word count deficit by writing for a little over an hour. Now I’m blogging before I either choose to go back to sleep for an hour or exercise for the first time in days.

How the rest of my day will probably progress:

Work Break #1 – set a timer and write for 10 minutes

Lunch – spend 30 minutes walking and thinking about what I’m going to write next and probably eat something while walking. Then spend the last 30 minutes in a timed writing session getting out as many words as possible

Work Break #2 – set a timer and write for 10 minutes

After dinner – I’m heading over to the coffee shop to meet up with other writers to write as much as we can between conversations and sipping caffeine

I should not only catch up to the word count goal for today — approx. 20,000 words — but I should also pull ahead and create a buffer for myself, as I don’t know what other days this month where life may get in the way of writing.

I share this to hopefully prove a point, that if you want it, you can make the time to write. As demonstrated by the work breaks, it only takes bursts of 10 minutes to get more words on the page.

Granted, as mentioned in earlier posts, I’ve taught myself to work off an outline versus being purely a discovery writer. Thus, for me, I can more easily take advantage of small bursts of time like this. When I was a discovery writer I’d spend 10 to 30 minutes just thinking about what I was going to write.

Also, to support my writing efforts, each day I repeat the following positive affirmations throughout the day:

I’m a prolific writer.

I’m a best selling author.


This helps keep my focus. Helps keep my motivation. In turn, I’m making the time to write. How about you? Are you writing at every opportunity?

Yes, it costs to make the decision to make writing a priority:

  • I may be losing some sleep, but most people don’t die due to lack of sleep.
  • Even though the Biggest Loser contest is over, I may not be losing any more weight as my exercise is limited to only three times a week versus three times a day.

Either way, it is easy to start writing now. Simply decide what you need to sacrifice and start writing at every opportunity.