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More than once this week I’ve had someone reference the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki in the context of:

It’s not about being a great author, but it’s about being a best selling author.


I get it. We as artists love what we do for the simple enjoyment of the art and craft of writing.

  • But what does that do for the world?
  • Can’t there be something more than creating art for the sake of art?
  • How does our art impact and change the lives of others for the better?
  • Shouldn’t we crave a higher goal to our writing than simply writing?

If you’ve been following this blog at all you’ll know I’ve been learning more about self-publishing and book marketing. In my learning process I’m coming across hundreds of books that aren’t written very well, though they may have some helpful content.

More importantly these author’s are churning out books like mad, in order to become best selling authors, not just “great” authors. When you see an author has 10+ books under their author profile, it makes me as a reader want to read more by that author. Whatever the author’s message is, they get to reach more people when they intelligently and through hard work market and sell lots of books.

I feel like I’m rambling.

The point is: I’d challenge you to become a best selling author, not necessarily the “best” writer.

Don’t let the fear of whether your writing is good enough stop you from writing and submitting for publication ( or self-publishing) your work. Continue to educate yourself on becoming a great author and do your due diligence to have your writing well edited.

Once you’re selling a goodly number of books, you can use that platform to do your “art” in bigger and better ways. The difference is you’ll be getting paid better while you do your art, since your “not as well written books” will be selling like hot cakes.

Write a lot. Sell a lot. Write some more!