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When I first updated my sci-fi short story ebooks — SECRETS & LOST –, my sellers rank was in the high 400,000’s, low 500,000’s for these books. If that wasn’t bad enough. . .in the five days since I made updates (new covers, more edits, better descriptions, updated keywords & categories), the rank has fallen even more thanks to zero sales:

Screen Shot 10-10-14 at 10.52 AMWhen I see this, my heart drops into my stomach and I just want to puke, it’s so sad. Ranking like this basically mean that unless it’s by chance, no one will ever see this book and buy it (as proven by zero sales all this week).

I think many of us are of the impression that books will sell themselves. I know I use to think this.

My misplaced perception is due to the fact that I’ve done zero marketing since posting these books 18-months ago. In that time I’ve sold about 200 copies. That seems like an accomplishment at first glance; but at $0.35 profit per $0.99 price, you can do the math and realize it’s not helping me quit my day job.

As I’ve been doing some research over the past couple of weeks, there are two things that directly help with book sales:

  1. Write & publish more books, where in those books I promote my other books
  2. Leverage every internet avenue available and market my books to generate visibility and interest

Now I’m still learning more about #2, so this post is not about how and/or where to market. But the seller rankings are telling me:

Without marketing, my books will disappear into the Void, along with millions of other books that disappear each year.

I don’t want my books to become a lost commodity. I want to be with the best-sellers!!

What I am doing about it is:

  • I’m currently posting my 99-cent books on several sites over the next couple of days.
  • Then I’m scheduling a free promotion in the coming weeks and posting that to all the “free book sites” that will share that information with their subscribers.
  • Lastly, I’m outlining the next book during the remaining 2- 3 weeks of October.
    • After which I’ll spend November writing the book as part of my NaNoWriMo exercise.
    • Leaving December as a time for:
      • editing and publishing book #3
      • outlining book #4
      • doing another marketing promotion for Books #1 & #2

Lots to do when it comes to book writing. Marketing is an aspect of book writing that no author interested in seeing sales should ignore.

Write. Market. Write some more. Market again.