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As some of this readership knows, I’m in the tech side of the education industry. Thus, I come across plenty of people with different tech skills than my own.

One of my co-authors on the Secrets: Sci-Fi Short Stories vol 1, Anthony Pendleton, has some image creation skills, which I don’t have. He made the cover for our self-published book:

SciFi_Secrets_200x125We were all real happy with this cover, especially compared to many self-published covers out there. I’ve seen some horrendous covers that make me definitely not want to read particular books (yes, I too judge a book by its cover).

As mentioned in an earlier post, I discovered Fiverr.com, where I could hire someone to make an ebook cover for me. So this week I picked a designer (designer22) for $5 per cover. Here is the new cover for that same book, which I’ll upload to Amazon in the coming week:


Hello! McFly!!

Nothing against Anthony, but he and the rest of us co-authors need to stick to what we do best, which is writing. For a small cost, we have a much, much better cover that looks a lot less than a self-created cover.

There are so many hats to wear when it comes to writing, editing, publishing and marketing a book. At least for some of us (pointing at myself), we need to stay out of other people’s sandbox and simply pay them to do what they do better/best.

We as writers need to focus on writing.