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I don’t remember how it happened. I think I was reading a blog comment or something, when one post referenced that they had a professional looking book cover made for less than $10. My first reaction was to say, “What?!”

One of my pet peeves with self-published books are the hokey attempts at PhotoShop or the obvious amateurish book covers people make for their books, when that is obviously not their skill set. Thus when I found out that you could pay someone to do this “professionally” for little cost, I had to check it out.

The post referenced a site, called Fiverr, linked here for book covers:

Screen Shot 09-17-14 at 07.56 PM

I went to this site and found several “services” for sale:

* Book cover design
* Proof reading
* Copy editing
* Story writing
* Ghost writing
* and many other services

As a writer I could. . .

  1. Use the services of people with skills I may not necessarily have
  2. Use the services of people with skills that I may have, but where it’s more important I spend my time writing
  3. I could use sites like this to “sell” my own writing services to others, while giving me good practice and getting paid for it

The point is, as writers we write! Let someone else do the other work for you, so you can stay focused on your craft.