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Six or more years ago — when I was still novice in this writing “thing” — on a whim I submitted a short piece for a book / anthology. Eventually that piece was included in “Words to Write By” by Robyn Bayne.


I figured that would be the end of it. Not so.

Separated by years of no contact with each other, Robyn decided to market the material again. Thanks to the power of social media (Facebook), Robin found me and asked about posting my piece on a blog.

It appears that each week, a new piece from this book is posted on her blog: http://wwwwritingbetweensundays.blogspot.com/

My piece was part of the August 31st post. Who would have thought?!

Internalizing this small chain of events, clarifies for me how important it is to consider what you write and what you share with the world. You never know when something you wrote shows up again and has your name attached to it.

P.S. Thanks to Robyn for the great idea of how to re-use “old” material in a new way. Thanks Robyn!!