I’ve been perusing TechBargins.com and SlickDeals.net for some fun deals on electronics. I didn’t expect to find deals on writing courses, but I did.

First is a Groupon for a Children’s Writing Course that is normally around $500, but is offered for a short time at $19.


I don’t mean to be a tease, but by the time I got to blogging about it they “sold out”. Sorry. But my purpose for bringing up this offer is to point you in the direction to check out Groupon in the future for writing courses.

The second deal, which I believe is still going on, I found on TechBargins for 90% off Udemy courses. Thus a $50 to $200 course is now only $10.

You can find the Finish Strong deals HERE



Here is proof that it’s only $10 for one of the few writing courses offered in this deal:


There are many, many other writing courses that are not part of this deal, but ones that look interesting and helpful. If you use the second code in the offer, you can save 75% off other courses:


Hope that helps someone. I’m off to learn more through some online courses.

Keep writing!!