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1. Ever since I posted blog #85 on The Power of the Word Tracker, I’ve been writing more consistently. It has been a seriously helpful tool for me!!

2. I recently learned, for Tolkien to write the Lord of the Rings (670,000 words), he averaged around 250 words per day. It literally took Tolkien eleven(11) years to write this masterpiece and his word count is one reason why.

Even at my current average of 377 words/day, it may only take me 7 years to write the equivalent of Tolkien’s output, but I don’t want to take that long! I need to pick up the pace.

3. I attended a writing group yesterday and the topic of “Writer’s are readers” came up. So we went around the table and asked who is reading what, and what are they writing. It seemed more than half were in a reading slump. . .and coincidentally their writing was also in a slump, even it if it was a slump surrounded by a lot of good intentions.

I’ve been reading and writing, as it so happens. Correlation?!

4. Today, I started reading “The Essential Guide to Writing a Novel” by James Thayer.

He not only calls out in his book that writers need to read, but also has quotes from other respected authors (Twain, King, etc) that support the concept that writers must read voraciously in order to be a better writers.

What are you reading?

5. Tomorrow I’m taking on new activities or finding ways to fit “old” activities back into my schedule, by doing the following:

  • Healthier eating plan, to lose weight
  • Targeted workout plan, to gain strength, muscle and lose weight
  • Spend 15-minutes practicing the ukulele, to be more musically inclined
  • Spend about 30-minutes in my yard or house fixing something, to have a better quality of living in our home
  • Spend more time reading the Bible and praying, to be in a better position to let the Lord work through me
  • Attempt to double-my daily word count to 700 words/day, to be a more efficient writer

What are you go to start or re-start tomorrow?

6. For the last two years, I’ve put aside more books (stopped reading them) than in the previous 40+ years. I was finding I didn’t have the time to waste on ‘bad” books, but one part of me felt guilty about quitting a book like that.

Recently, I’ve been hearing I’m not the only one who will stop reading a book if it isn’t connecting with me as the reader. It’s basic math: too many books and only so many years living that there isn’t time to waste on bad books.

My sixteen year old and I both started reading the Niven / Pournelle book, “Mote in God’s Eye“, which has been brought up by more than one source as a must read, classic sci-fi. We’ll see if this connects with us or not. For me, “Ringworld” by Niven was a ‘bad” read, so I’m going into this new book with low expectations.

There’s something freeing about starting a new book, knowing I don’t have to finish it if I don’t want to. No more guilt.

7. I recently finished reading, “Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success” by K. M. Weiland. I hope to write up a review of this in the next week.

Sneak peak of my review. . . I liked it, but the method may fit a certain personality, which may be different than my expectations going into the book.

8. Nearly 600 words on this blog alone today. Woot! Already doing better than 377 and that much closer to 700/day.