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I was recently contacted by Nara Duffie, an 11-year old author who has written and published her book: The Monster Realm

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You can read my full review of this book, here.

What you only get if you read the Afterward, is how NaNoWriMo got this young author motivated to write (having a dad who is a writer probably didn’t hurt either). The it goes on to explain, how she slaved over multiple drafts to make it the best story she could make it.

Also, kudos to her family (especially her older sister) for their support during her writing and editing process.

I personally think it looks good (cover, back and map) and I thought it was a fun read.

Since life is all about me (I think for many of us it is), I had to ask myself:

Do I really have any excuses after experiencing this book and the author’s personal story?

If this 11-yr old can finish a story, suffer through edits and then get a book published. . .so can you and I.

  • Let’s take heart and stay focused.
  • Let’s realize editing isn’t going to be the death of us.
  • Let’s get it done!