I’m currently on a business trip in Arizona. Whenever I take one of these three or four day trips I bring several things with me:

  • eBooks to read
  • TV shows or movies to watch
  • Laptop or tablet to do some writing

I’m currently working my way through the TV show, Deep Space Nine (Yes, I know I’m about 20 years behind). In season three episode 21 titled, Explorers; Jake Sisko lets his dad, Commander Sisko, read a story he wrote. In that episode the dialogue goes something like this:

Commander Sisko: “Jake I really am impressed. I think you should keep writing.”

Jake: “I’m thinking about it.”

Commander Sisko: “Don’t think about it, just do it.


Sometimes that is all the reminder we need, which is why I’m keeping this blog entry short.

Stop thinking about writing, just do it!