This may not be the best example or someone may not find the following actually ironic:

My family chooses to homeschool. We have homeschooled one kid from K-9 and expect to homeschool our second born all the way through high school. What I find ironic is that I work for Pearson and I’m specifically in the K-12 realm. I’ve spent the last nine years in groups who are focused on making solutions for public & charter schools.The irony is I work to solve issues for public schools but my personal solution is to not deal with public schools.

I find being a writer has a level of irony as well. As a writer it’s a very loner activity. Yet for many (I’d bet more than we think), writer’s need to connect with other writer’s for networking, motivation, ideas, critique and blog comments/feedback (hint, hint).

We as writer’s need other writers! We shouldn’t be working in a singular bubble of a one person member (ourselves).

I’d recommend a few places to connect with other writers:

  • On all the systems you use (LinkedIn, email signatures, social networking, etc), update your profile to say something about you being a writer. You never know who is reading your profile and they too may be an author or involved in the publishing industry. If you provide an email or some way to contact you, you may be surprised how many people reach out to you.
  • Check Meetup.com for reading and writing groups in your area. I add reading groups in here, because the feedback of book lovers may provide some great tips on how you could improve your own writing.
  • Attend writing conferences and meet people. A couple of links that have conference information:
  • Favorite writing websites and blogs. Don’t forget you can browse WordPress pages and connect with other writers who are blogging. Another option is you could find forums or other writing sites, such as the Creative Writing Forum site to connect virtually with other writers.

As a writer you need to write. But to stay mentally and emotionally healthy, it’s can be a good practice to connect with other writers. Go out and meet someone today!