Received my email from Camp NaNoWriMo late last night. It’s not too late to start!!

For anyone not familiar with this activity, it’s a sister-activity of November National Novel Writing Month. The main difference is this challenge is a lot more relaxed and lets you focus one month on writing anything (song, play, poems, etc.). Also this challenge is for April and July (I think). Gives you a break in-between to work on your July outlines.

Here is the email with links for all. . .


Can you believe that Camp NaNoWriMo starts in just a few hours? And see those small figures on the horizon? Those are our Australia, Asia, and Europe participants who have already begun.

At midnight on April 1, you’ll join them for this month-long hike. No, not along the Appalachian Trail or the Great Wall of China or anything pedestrian like that. This trek traverses more glorious territory: your unique, creative brain.

So strap your pen, laptop, or typewriter to your back and let’s get moving. (We’re jealous of you handwriters in this metaphor.) This email serves as an easily stowed guide to what we’ve got planned during your journey.

Before You Go

Visit our blog and Writing Resources page to stock up on inspiration. We’ll keep posting helpful advice—especially from our wise Camp Counselors—throughout April.

Consider giving a little back to Camp. Think of it like those honor-system donation boxes at trailheads, except giving here also nets you some great goodies and the knowledge that you’re contributing to essential creativity around the world. You can also get sponsored by family and friends to share the NaNo love.

Grab a T-shirt or mug. Bonus: The shirt can double as an emergency flag if you get lost among your neural pathways.

Week One

On Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. PDT, tune in for the first Campfire Hangout of the year. You want writing prompts? Oh man, have we got writing prompts.

On Thursday, check your Camper Messages for a pep talk from a writer just like you. We’ll send one every week.

And every day, look for challenges from @NaNoWordSprints and conversations in the NaNoWriMo forums.

Week Two

On Saturday, April 12, join us for the April NaNoWriMo Writing Marathon! We’ll spend all day livestreaming and encouraging your Camp progress. To participate, just follow along (via our YouTube channel or with #NaNoThon) and plan to make a pledge for the time you spend writing with us.

Week Three

You know what we always say this week, right? Back up your project! It’s precious cargo.

Also, looking for some midway meal rewards? The Writer Fuel series on the blog will be in full, delicious effect.

Week Four

You can win—by reaching your goal and validating your word count—from Friday, April 25 through Wednesday, April 30. (If you’re planning to work up until the last minute, be sure your time zone is set correctly.)

To make it official, just click “Validate your word count to win” under the tent on the homepage and follow the directions from there. You’ll receive a selection of winner prizes a few days later; check out our sponsor offers for a preview (plus a few all-Camper discounts).

And as always, we’ll be rooting for you every single day of your expedition, in conditions good and bad. Because you’re a writer, and we believe in you.

Regretting the choice of stone slab as writing accessory,

Chris Angotti
Director of Programs