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Last week I called out the need for a vision / mission statement for your writing. I also pointed out that I’ve had mission statements before, but lost sight of them and didn’t keep writing.

I was in a discussion recently and a point brought up was that your vision needs to be “other focused”. What the commentator was saying is that your vision needs to not only be something for you, but something you’ll do for someone else. That way you have a built in accountability factor, which is typically greater than being accountable only to yourself.

Case in point, most New Year’s resolutions are self-focused. Maybe that is why they don’t last more than a week for the average person. But if you have a vision for your life that encompasses others, then motivation can prove easier to maintain over the long-haul.

Did you make your vision statement (where you want your writing to be in the future) or did you make your mission statement (how you’ll work toward the vision)?

If so, is your vision/mission self-focused or other-focused?

If self-focused, maybe it’s time to revise (yet again) your writing vision/mission statement!!


SIDE NOTE: Since I’m a man who has a relationship with a living God that interacts with lives here on Earth; I also believe that if you pray and commit your vision to God, then He’ll do a few things:

    • Clarify the vision
    • Make it bigger than you would make it yourself, in order to prove it’s not you at all…it’s all Him.
    • Your vision becomes His vision.
    • He desires not only to help you, but also help others through you.
    • He’ll support you through the obstacles, as you work in delivering to His vision for you & others.

If you don’t know God in a personal and alive way. . .He’s only a prayer away from hearing you, helping you and bringing the right people into your life who have a vision to let God work through them to help others.