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This week in the men’s bible study group, we were learning about having a vision from God for our life (a.k.a. a purpose for your life), as the driving force to give us direction. The first thing that comes to mind, for me, when thinking about a vision is in the arena of a company or business venture.

In some companies I’ve worked there is a vision (what the future will look like) for the department or the company. The next step is to devise a mission statement to put into words the key aspects of that vision and how the company is going to get there.

Comic01 - MissionStatement

While sharing that in group this morning, a light in my head went on.

I’ve written here on this blog before about a mission statement, but what did I write? My mission statement for this blog was first devised in post #03:

I want https://beingawriter.wordpress.com/ to be a blog that encourages others to write; by demystifying the writing process, making writing manageable for the busiest person and making writing fun!

Then I found my personal mission statement in post #52:

I’m a Christian speculative fiction writer. My writing may not have the word “God” in it, but the content encourages, the themes are rooted in truth from God, and the stories are written in an entertaining fashion.

As with a company mission statement, employees should review the mission statement regularly in order to keep the vision at the forefront of their activities and/or to measure if their efforts support or go against that vision.

Do you have a mission statement?

If so:

  • Are you writing?
  • Are spending time in writing activities that support or conflict with your writing mission statement?
  • How are you measuring the success of your writing efforts in fulfilling the vision / mission statement?
  • Has life changed in a way (or your vision changed) that you need to revise your mission statement?

Comic02 - MissionStatement

If you don’t have a mission statement, work on that!

If you are like me, I have a couple of missions statements but I haven’t actually gone through the process of writing out a vision. What do I want the “end result” to look like for the time and effort I spend writing?

It could be argued that the missions statement for this blog is a vision and mission statement in one. But I’m sensing I should spend a little more time refreshing my brain on the differences and see where I’m at with that process.

After re-reading the missing statement for this blog, I realized I was one of the “busy people” demographic who are part of the intended target audience of this blog. That motivated the heck out of me and I amazingly found time to blog today.

In the end, whatever your vision and mission statement turn out to be, have a plan to review them regularly. Keep your writing vision at the forefront of your mind!