Now that Christmas break has started the family and I are watching Sing Off season 1 & 2.  On my own I’m reading the Smallville season 11 comic book (if you didn’t know, seasons 1-10 were aired as a TV show).

Something hit me last while watching Sing Off and reading Smallville (yes, I was multi-tasking). . .

Whether singing that one song in a way that hasn’t been done before or adding the right coloring and paneling to that comic, something in those creations connects with the audience. Part of us sit back in awe and appreciate the creation from that body of work, wishing we could absorb and savor it for years to come.

Thus, I was getting antsy sitting there and thinking, “I should be creating something too. Since I’m a writer, I NEED to write.”

On her own, my wife started watching Castle. I walked by and saw the main character, Rick Castle, sleeping with his laptop open on his lap. His screensaver was flashing the words, “You Should Be Writing!”

Now if that wasn’t a message from God for me, I don’t know what is!

Our participation in TV, comics, books, music or whatever else we spend our time doing, rarely has lasting effects. But if we are out there creating something, that thing we create has the potential to have lasting effects.

Go create. Go write.