1. Did 17 actual days of NaNoWriMo this year.

2. Averaged 1,531 words/day writing

3. December started studying for a professional cert. I’m in the process of working through…

  • A 700 text book
  • A 1,500 page exam prep book
  • 60+hrs of training videos
  • Several test simulators

4. Two weeks later and no writing.

5. Now I need a plan…

  • Study plan that doesn’t absorb all my time and allows me to get ready for the cert test in a reasonable time
  • Writing plan to keep the story going

Any new posts of the story will pick up with Day 18 of writing. This way when the final scene is written and posted I’ll know how many days for that actual novel, total word count and average word count.

So let me get busy.