Completely unmotivated today! Work sucked the life out of me and left me with not much to give back as far as words to paper. Tried to get something down regardless. . . .




Something strange did happen here. Nothing he could think of would look as symmetrical as this circle did to the naked eye. He wondered what the bright light was that people. It was probably nothing, but there could be some radiation. For goodness sake! He gave up and walked the distance back to the car. He was sweaty even in the gold morning air by the time he made it back.

He got in the car and drove back up the road. It wasn’t so bad that he was worried the car would get stuck, but he still took it slow. He stopped the car on the dirt road once he was parallel with the spot in the grass. He grabbed the field kit out of the trunk before approaching the circle. First thing he did take out the portable geiger counter and test for radiation. It was slight, nothing to worry about, but within the circle there was a higher radiation than immediately outside the circle. That in of itself was strange. Radiation didn’t stay within a circle it “leaked” out across the edges of it’s exposure radius. But he walked the perimeter again and everywhere he tested, he found radiation only in the circle, no spill over.

Returning to the kit he retrieved bags he could label, then took several samples of the grass within the circle and those outside the circle. He’d have to take these back to the lab and let them test it. He sat on his heels looking over the space trying to imagine what could have caused this. Something glistened in the morning light several feet away from the circle, but where the grass had been trampled by someone or something underfoot.. He walked over to it and picked it up. Now what might you be and who do you belong to?

*     *     *

The phone rang.

Cantano picked up immediately, since he was sitting expecting the all. “Cantano here,” he said.

“Mr. Cantano, this is Bob from Legal,” said a cautious voice on the other line. Cantano wasn’t sure if the man was being cautious because of Cantano’s request or that was the nature of being a lawyer.

“Ah yes. Thank you for the prompt follow up. What did you find out?”

“Well sir, you request was a bit abnormal from the types of requests we normally get.”

“I’m sure it was, considering the scientist I have in mind tends to be rogue in more ways than one.” Cantano hope the lawyer would get to the point.

“Okay. So within our charter, any member of A.S.E.R.T. or affiliate must submit any new procedures for review to a peer board. It’s in the fine print, but one that we have to often explain to a lab somewhere why A.S.E.R.T. people showed up to examine their practices. Things like standard test procedures nobody cares about, its when procedures are done outside of best business practices that they need to be reviewed if they meet safety standards and other federal regulation, not only our global regulations.”

“So are you saying, that if someone is performing a new experiment method, it needs to be reviewed by a group of their peers?” Cantano was dejected for Ramsden could argue his Council review was exactly that and they all had voted in favor of him. There had to be something else.

“Anything else?” Cantano asked in a huff.

‘There is one other thing, but it comes up less frequently than one would think.”

“Yes man, what is it?” Cantano said trying to hurry the man along.

“If anyone is injured during the procedure, then A.S.E.R.T. protocols dictate that all further activity will cease until an investigation for safety regulations can take place.” I have him, thought Cantano.

“And Bob, what are the consequences if someone continues without subjecting themselves to the safety investigation?”

“It’s equivalent to a federal offense and could mean some jail time, plus hefty fees.”

“Perfect!” Cantao said then ended the call and hung up the phone. He never thought a lawyer could make his day, but Bob just did.