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National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMO) started on November 1st, and I’ve been trucking along meeting the daily word count goal (1,677 words) without issue. Then came the Veterans Day weekend and schedules were all over the place.

Saturday = 435 words written

Sunday =  937 words written

Monday (Holiday) = Big fat ZERO(0) words written!

In addition to my own lack of words to paper, I’ve read more than a half dozen blogs where others have also struggled to meet their writing goals for NaNoWriMo. Could these other wouldbe authors have the same challenges as I did?

This weekend’s events remind me of the following for all authors:

  • Keep working DAILY on the writing. Keep it a habit.
  • Develop a backup plan to ensure you get your writing done, even when your schedule changes or is out of the norm
  • Use “tricks” to get the writing done when you don’t have a dedicated time that day to write:
    • 15-minute timed writing. Do this a few times throughout the day if possible.
    • Leverage break / lunch times.
    • Get up early or go to bed later.
    • Voice record your writing while commuting, then transcribe later. Consider not giving yourself credit for having completed this task till you actually get words to paper.
    • Use a mobile device to type while standing in line at post office, grocery store, etc.
  • Re-prioritize something else that day, so you can get the writing done and do that other thing on a day where your schedule is lighter

It all comes down to where do each of us choose to spend your time and how.

A couple of times this weekend I thought to myself, “Its the holiday weekend, I’m suppose to relax a bit. I deserve this.” As true as that may have been, I could have spent a few more minutes writing to get the words to paper.

Enough reading. Go write!