He signed him name only. Dropping it into an envelop for standard United States Postal Service, he applied more than the necessary number of Forever stamps and sealed it, before folding it and placing it in his back pocket to be dropped in the nearest mailbox.

Ninety minutes later the last of the cameras was being hooked up on a makeshift table out in an open field. Generators powered the equipment that would collect the video and data streams from the event. J.J. kept giving Ramsden sidelong looks, which Ramsden kept trying to ignore but it was bothering him all the same.

“What? Just say it already,” Ramsden said to J.J. The other man stopped annotations on a clipboard and gave Ramsden a flat look.

“Are you being reckless again?” J.J. finally asked.

“Uh…no,” Ramsden answered after a slight hesitation. “I know how to better open the portal, how to close it, but more importantly where to open it.” Jude and Silvia shared another look then went back to looking at their monitor screens.

Ramsden dropped his shoulders and looked at the ground as he sighed, “I know I’ve put us in unpleasant situations before. But you always believed in the project. I’m just asking for you to believe in me right now. I got this.” Ramsden looked pleadingly at the others.

“Hon. It isn’t that we don’t believe in you. It’s just that it’s hard to forget how things went last time to think this is going to be any different,” Silvia said then held up a hand to stop Ramsden for saying something. “But we are here, regardless of the danger or trouble hanging out with you brings. It’ll be okay.” Ramsden smiled at this.

“Okay then,” Ramsden said. “Here we go.”

Once again, Ramsden closed his eyes and immediate symbols and formulas filled his mind’s eye. He began organizing them in a way that would add in color. As he began to incantation and the requisite hand motions, he began to see where the linking symbol fit into the mix. It fell into place like an oiled gear that slide right in and functions smoothly. As soon as he connected the linking symbol, it was like a damn of power broke across him. His ears filled with a rushing wind. He opened his eyes and all he was was lights in the form of highways crisscrossing his field of vision as far as he could see. He gasped. He could actually see leylines.

It’s just like the Nazca lines and geoglyphs, thought Ramsden. From the over fifteen thousand animal shapes and geometric patterns, it seems when looked from above there are what is depicted airfields as some would describe. But here they were before Ramsden, blazing as a translucent overlay across the landscape. But there was more there than lines of energy as some proposed. One discovery is that the lines found at the site depict the pathways along a spiritual journey or a higher level of consciousness. Is that what he was seeing? Maybe not spiritual, but is this what transdimensional pathways looked like? Isn’t that what he always supposed the Void was? The power continued to flow. Oh, what rapture!

“Ramsden what’s going on? Somethings different this time!”J.J. yelled over what Ramsden now realized was chaos. The sound in his ears and the lights before his eyes, weren’t just affecting him, but the air swirled like a whirling dervish around the area in which Ramsden was summing on the portal. The small golf ball of violet was spinning off arcs of electricity and grew, shrunk, grew, shrunk like a pulsing alien body.

Ramsden focused back on the formulas and his chanting. He drew the lines that linked the power and the words. As he did he saw tendrils of light coming off his words as they flowed out his mouth and tie themselves around the lines he drew in the air before him and the flow from the leylines around him. It made such sense to him why this would be. How we see the power of words and joke about it, but to actually see behind the veil of what is really going on, filled him with awe.

He inserted the color part of the formula and as he did the golf ball of violet pulsed one more time into a full fledged opening  the size by which a man could walk through. Ramsden stood before a doorway that had an inner ring of yellow and a center of pitch black. He stopped his chanting and the tumult lessened around them.

As he stood there, something began to pull at him. An invisible force that wanted to draw him into the Void. Not unlike gravity pulling when one is sitting in a tree, but not like it either. Ramsden couldn’t find the words to describe it, he just felt pulled from his core, from his soul. What is going on? He quickly stepped away from the portal and the pulling lessened. When he stepped back far enough it was like his soul snapped back into place and he had to gasp for air afterward.

“You okay?” J.J. asked as he rushed over to lend a hand to Ramsden who used one of the tables for support.

“Yes, I’m fine. Much better.” Ramsden said once he caught his breath. They looked at each other then back at the portal that floated inches above the ground, but did nothing else.

“Well at least we’re not getting soak’n wet this time,” J.J. said with an anxious laugh.

“We shouldn’t.”

“What now?” Jude asked