+ describe the symbols or put them in the book as an image
+ previous scenes I don’t say how Ramsden knows the names of the symbols. I maybe want to fix that, me thinks.
+ Scene where Ramsden is talking with Aran…Aran points out room could have been sealed, which is why Ramsden found the info for water/blue.

Three weeks had passes since the A.S.E.R.T. Council meeting. Ramsden looked over the notes the team had gathered from the archives at A.S.E.R.T.’s headquarters in Washington D.C. More pieces to the puzzle. What was once believed to be random Symbols take from locations off limits even to A.S.E.R.T. these days due to unrest in those countries, Ramsden now saw as more clues to what he needed. Scanned images displayed on his tablet, images from caves in Israel, Madagascar and China. No one had put them together before, thinking them seemingly random. With his translations he had more representations of colors and a word that means, bridge.

Could “bridge” mean what Mr. Jainukul said and that my lifeforce must link or bridge with the leylines? If that is the case then this helps me understand how to access the bridge.  Wait a second! This symbol I used before could mean blue or it could mean water. Well that was no joke.Ramsden flipped back to other images on the tablet. This one could mean green or it could mean earth. Then this symbol could me yellow or it could mean pathway. What about this last one? I could mean red or it could mean. . .oh, my! This could be bad.

“Guys!” Ramsden said loudly through their office. Jude and Silvia looked up from their workbench lined with monitors spooling data across the screen or showing zoomed in images.

“J.J. is out running some errands. Can one of you get him back here and the other get the robot ready? I need to test out a theory and it involves opening another portal” Jude and Silvia looked at each other, something brief passing between them before they started moving and packing up gear.

Ramsden killed the apps running on the tablet, which also cleared the images from the display. He then cleared the memory before transferring the files on the tablet to a USB drive. He then made a copy of the USB drive onto another USB that he carried on a lanyard around his neck. Several minutes later he mailed the first USB to his dad with a note, “Please hide this. If something happens to me, it may be better to destroy it.” He signed him name only.