Today starts the first day of National Novel Writing Month 2013 (NaNoWriMo).

I’m ready with:

  • Regularly scheduled lunch breaks each day to meet with co-workers and have us all write
  • I have a lot more outlining work done time year than in previous years
  • I have my rave / house music all set for fast beat = fast writing

I was listening to a podcast that talked about posting one’s NaNoWriMo novel project online in it’s terrible, crappy, first draft condition. Remember. . . the entire exercise is about writing! Ignoring the internal editor and write, write, write. Even it if what you write makes you want to throw up.

We’ll see how today goes. I may just start posting the writing I do for the day, knowing:

  • It’s going to be horrible writing (lots of grammatical & spelling errors)
  • Many times it will stop mid-stream. I use this technique so when the next session I’m able to sit down and write comes around, I can more easily pick up where I left off and write fast.

Here goes the experiment!