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I was talking to a fellow writer at work about the upcoming NaNoWriMo 2013. During that discussion I asked if his wife — who has talked about writing and went to school for it — is going to join us for this regular event.

He said no, because her passion is script writing. Thus he’s not doing NaNoWriMo but choosing to support her and do an adhoc ScriptFrenzy effort (daughter project of NaNoWriMo that was cancelled 2012).

This got me thinking. I know I work best when I’m writing with others (same time deadlines, but not necessarily as co-authors). The expected thing to do is participate another year in NaNoWriMo (my 7th or 8th year) by working on a novel outline in October, so I’m ready to start writing November 1st.

Something I do very well is blurt out my thoughts without thinking them through, so I said, “What if instead of novel writing, we do our own ScriptFrenzy in November?”

The expression of my co-worker’s face lit up with realization of what I was proposing and he said, “That could really work!”

Now I’m downloading a copy of Celtx and Trelby, which are free script writing software packages. I’ll  install them both and compare the features.

I’m heading out to Daily Script to read some actual movie scripts for movies I’m familiar with. I’m also going to try and mimic some of the items in those scripts. This will help me learn both software packages and get me thinking dialog, dialog, dialog (which is what scripts are comprised of.

I feel like I’ve jumped into doing the unexpected, which is scary on one level, but it’s also exciting, motivational and gets me writing.

What do you need to do today to write something unexpected?