Okay, the title of this post is cheesy, I know. But the statement that our parents were right still holds, in regards to we are who we spend time with.

As an adult I’m finding I’m spending most of my time with people who spend their time on entertainment (movies, tv, games, etc). Because of this, I’m also spending my “free” time doing these same things.

We are who we spend time with!

I was watching So You Think You Can Dance with the wife the other day (yes, watching, not writing) and every time the show seems to do a profile on a dancer they all had something in common: They practiced often and spent time with other dancers. . . and they became great dancers!

So what’s my plan to do this? What’s the plan to spend time with other writers?

  • I started my subscription to Writer’s Digest, so I can read the word of other writers
  • I can research and join a writer’s group in my area
  • Participate in other blogs / forums where writers are congregating

These are just some small examples how I (we) can start surrounding ourselves with others who are trying to accomplish the same goal: to write!