The talk around the office this week has been focused on the RIDICULOUS movie appearing on SyFy channel called, “Sharknado“.

It wasn’t horrible enough that SyFy aired Sharktopus a few years ago, but “entertainment” has found a whole new low with a tornado full of sharks.

Scenes from Sharnado are 10x more unreal and ridiculous than any of the later Die Hard movies. The acting for some characters is barf worthy. The characters are stereotypes. I can’t imagine anyone on the cast took this project serious but just tried to have fun with it.

With all the celebrity Twitter comments, this movie is getting so much hype it’s crazy. But , when it’s all said and done…someone took the time to write the screenplay and sell it!!

Let me say that once again.

They wrote the script for this insane movie and actually sold it!

Thus, regardless of critics asking, “Why would anyone consider this entertainment?”, I think the bigger message is this:

If you are willing to write your story (novel, screenplay, etc) you never know what may come of it. It may be the next SyFy channel hit!

So stop editing while you write and finish your story!

Obviously it doesn’t have to be “good” for you to sell it.