I first read Justin Cronin’s “The Passage” in 2010. The beginning of the book introduces us to the history and character of Amy. I was FEELING as I read the character’s story unfolding before me. I couldn’t remember the last time the story of a character moved me as much as that read.

I’m now in book 2 called, “The Twelve“. Cronin does it again with in-depth, descriptive character backgrounds that make me want to keep reading.

Some may say, “So what! Books are meant to make you care about the characters.”  That may be true for some but it isn’t always the case, especially in many stories that fall into the genre that these two Cronin books fall into:  post-apocalyptic vampire story

Yep! A vampire story that is actually full of rich, detailed characters and not just characterchures or stereotypes. A story where the cast of character’s aren’t all seductive, gorgeous male & female swimsuit models. These aren’t some teen romance vampires like Twilight or Vampire Diaries, but characters that raise the level of writing in the story.

Why bring this up?

As a reader I want to be engaged and Cronin’s stories do that for me. Thus I’m taking a note from Cronin…

Work on my characters more! Even a plot-driven story can have rich characters and not a cardboard action hero like many of the explosion-filled, gunfire crazy movies of the 90’s.