Most of us are familiar with the dogs in the movie “Up!” who are easily distracted by squirrels or something they think may be a squirrel. For me and my writing goals, the last two to three weeks have been full of one distraction after another.

Some of the recent squirrels have been:

  • Pausing most of my normal work in order to recruit and interview for two open job positions on my team
  • My kids want to learn to play a pencil & paper role-playing game, so I’m reading and learning about the various systems and what I could do there to play with them as the GM (game master)
  • I bought an electric guitar.  The 1-Click bidding on eBay is a dangerous thing!
  • I’ve been shopping for an acoustic-electric guitar. It takes a lot of time to research and travel to stores to test out guitars, then research more.

Are some of these things wants instead of needs? Yes.

So where does writing fit in? Is it a want or a need? A need.

Time to go squirrel hunting, get rid of the distractions and get back to writing!!