A co-worker was watching one of the three The Librarian movies. In the movie, there is a scene between two characters that goes something along the line of:

Character 1:  My style of sword fighting is superior to your style.

Character 2: No mine is more modern and thus is superior to yours.

This about sent my co-worker into a fit, as he happens to be an expert/student of historical sword fighting and the context of the scene was highly inaccurate.

The screenwriter(s) didn’t check the facts or they didn’t care, in order to get the “humor” effect they were striving for.

My mother-in-law’s second husband is a 30yr retired homicide cop who use to read lots and lots of mystery, crime, thriller novels. He would say to me,

Erik, the minute the author writes cops without a dark humor, I’m throwing the book in the garbage. Because that is where such inaccurate nonsense belongs!

Remember also, that Wikipedia is not the answer to all research. You may need to interview people who are actually in the field you’re writing about.

But the point remains, don’t lose your audience with blatant errors that can easily be avoided. Get the facts straight!

UPDATE: When I first posted this post, I titled it, “Just the facts Mame!”

When researching, every example I found was, “Just the facts Ma’am!”

Yep! I didn’t hesitate to change it.