After our group of short story writers packaged up our first grouping of stories and used Kindle Direct Publishing to make our stories available in the Sci-Fi: Secrets compilation, we had to do some reorganization of our project plan.

The details of our writing and editing schedule were originally laid out in post:

 0050 – Short Story Project Outline

What we discovered in our first round of short stories, was how difficult it can be to go from little or no writing to the following schedule:

  • Write around 4,000 words, each week
  • Perform a self-edit process
  • Read someone else’s story and provide a critique
  • Apply final edits
  • Perform the above bullet points within 7-calendar days

So we came out with the following adjustments to the project plan. . .


We’ve flipped the hard delivery dates to soft targets and made the requirement 1-2 stories every topic run (two weeks, same). New schedule is as follows:

Thursday/Friday – First Draft
Saturday/Sunday/Monday – Personal Revision & Edits
Tuesday – Peer Reading & General Comments
Wednesday – Final Revision and Submission

The only date that really matters is the last Wednesday in the cycle – at least one story submitted for the compilation and publication to Amazon.


Here we are about a week past schedule on getting the second compilation together and published, in part, for the following reasons:

  • Two additional authors joined our group and worked hard on some stories we wanted to include
  • The core three writers got one story done on time, but the second story suffered from adverse schedules, writer’s block or a bit of both
  • Having soft deadlines lent itself to a mental shift. Subconsciously we knew we didn’t have to work as hard to get a story done, because it was a “guideline” deadline versus a hard expectation

I suspect our third compilation (topic: Wanderlust) may push us to more firm deadline commitments.

We have a commitment to each other to wrap everything up and provide final edits this Friday. Thus by Friday night or Saturday, our second compilation will be published through Kindle Direct.

It’s definitely a learning experience, to say the least.