Out of the blue a co-worker exclaimed, “I Have a Dent In My Head!”

Step 1: Laugh Out Loud! – I had no idea what she referred to, but it sounded too funny and unexpected that I couldn’t help but laugh

Step 2: Apologize for laughing at her and ask what is the problem.

She had stood up and hit her head against the corner of a cabinet, only later to be feeling her boo-boo and realize she had a depression where she injured herself.

How many times do we later find ourselves with something unwanted or undesired due to a simple mistake or accident?

This week I delivered an annual review to an employee. As I read out loud the my feedback portion of the review, the employee and I kept laughing at the number of spelling errors, wrong tense and passive voice statements.

Like any annual review, its key to review one’s strengths and areas of improvement. Such an exercise equips a person in the coming year to exploit their strengths and work more diligently on the areas they aren’t as stellar in.

When’s the last time you took twenty minutes to list out your strengths and areas of improvement as a spouse, employee, neighbor, friend, hobbyist, etc.? What is your plan to reduce the risk of yelling, “I have a dent in my head!”, in these different areas?

As a writer, what do you need to work on to avoid the consequences of your simple, habitual mistakes?

Yes, I have to work three times as hard as the next guy when editing my written words. Even with a Herculean effort at editing, things still slip through the cracks. There’s probably glaring issues in this blog. But I’ll keep truck’n on and working at it. 

I can’t wait for that day, that I no longer (or a lot less frequently) read something I’ve written and feel like yelling, “I have a dent in my head!”

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