The last three weeks have been fun and a wonderful learning time.

Our group of short story writers have been at it and I was saying to them on Friday, “I feel tired!” Sometimes people think writing for writers is easy, but I was surprised how mentally draining the process can sometimes be.

Another unexpected item that came out of this project, is the question, “What kind of writer am I?”

It’s not just that the other short story contributors have different styles, but they have different motives and different types of content they are willing to write about. If my stories are grouped with theirs in a compilation, what does that say about me as a writer?

Some may think, “Big deal. You’re getting your work self-published and getting your name out there. That’s all that matters to a writer.”

That would be true, until a person asks themselves, “What kind of writer am I?”

For me, I had resolved through my personal mission statement to be:

I’m a Christian speculative fiction writer. My writing may not have the word “God” in it, but the content encourages, the themes are rooted in truth from God, and the stories are written in an entertaining fashion.

If that is who I still am, then what am I doing with my writing to demonstrate that? What projects am I publishing to prove that?

What is your answer to the question of what type of writer are you?

What are you doing to live your personal writing mission statement?

Yes, the current status shows 100% on short story project. That’s because tomorrow I should finish the eBook compilation and have it posted on Amazon.