The last two weeks I’ve been updating the blog with the short-story writing project I’ve been participating in with a couple of co-workers. Since last post, our compilation group:

  • finished editing another writer’s short story
  • received our edits and applied the revision suggestions
  • submitted the short story final draft
  • wrote our second story and yesterday submitted the first draft to each other

When we met mid-week to talk about our experience so far, some of the things voiced:

  • It felt difficult to write 2k-4k words between Wed through Fri. For a few reasons:
    • Most of us hadn’t been consistent with writing, so writing went slower
    • Most of us went over the 4K limit and had a lot of words to cut out
    • Concerned if the story was “exciting” enough or not, slowed things down as we wanted to revise, revise, revise
  • Suggested that maybe we write three stories over three weeks and pick our favorite two. But one of the writers said that leaves room for a writer to assume one story will suck and not do their best. Better to keep the pressure on and do our best with the two we have. It did ratchet up the pressure when starting story #2
  • The editing process was also slow. Again, like the writing, we feel this process will go faster

On the topic of editing, one of the writers found the following two resources:

  • One-pass Manuscript Revision by Holly Lisle – even though this article is targeted at a novel size project, we are finding we can use her checklist to evaluate the “scenes” of the short story. More importantly is the idea of not getting bogged down with line editing and then line editing for ten more revisions.
  • Editminion – paste your story / scene into the tool, check the boxes you want, then click Edit. Great, fast tool!!

I’m off to edit another writer’s story.

My current project status list: