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As mentioned in the last post, I’m involved with a couple of co-workers in a short story compilation project. The details of our project:

  • We pick a genre and a topic. Our first assignment is Sci-Fi and the topic of “secrets”
  • We write a 2,000 to 4,000 short story draft between Wednesday through Friday
  • Friday noon / afternoon we post our stories on Google Drive and share it out to each other
  • Friday through Sunday we edit each other’s story, by providing constructive comments
  • Monday through Wednesday we review edits / comments and apply what we can or want
  • Wednesday morning / noon we submit the final draft of the short story
  • Wednesday we start the process all over again
  • After we have between 6 – 9 stories, we’ll look into self-publishing on Amazon.com

Interestingly, hallway conversations on the project have led at least three other people to ask if they can “guest write” a story. Since others won’t be as committed to writing a new short story per week, we’ve established some “guest guidelines”:

  • Contribute one month of story content (4-5 stories)
  • Not part of the initial editing phase

For our first week I wound up writing a 4,600 word story. Had to do some cutting and was able to get the first draft down to 3,969 words. At first, I felt like I was struggling with the writing assignment. I wanted to write something less “directed” or lesser requirements, even though genre and topic aren’t that restrictive.

I’m happy with my story, but I need to wait and see if the edits come back blasting it and calling out if there were a lot of wasted words or not. Hopefully that is not the case.

Either way, I need to start thinking of ideas for the second story since I only have Wed-Fri to write it. I’ll probably start on Monday for the second story, unless the number of edits on story #1 are high in quantity.

Off to write!