As mentioned in post 0047 – 20012 vs. 2013 Writing Goals, I realized part of my inability to meet some of my goals is due to lack of motivation through reading stuff on writing and associating with other writers.

Thus I’ve been praying, “Lord, if you would have me write, help me with the motivation piece.”

Sometimes God answers things in ways we don’t understand or know why. For example just this week He provided a solution I hadn’t thought existed. . .

I was cleaning up some bookmarks when I found a bookmark to Yahoo! Groups. I forgot I was part of those groups (mostly writing groups) and so I went to check them out to see if the groups were still actively posting messages. I figured, if they were, then maybe that is where I need to connect with other writers to help with my motivation.

On the Christian Fiction 2 group, one of the group members ( Alice M. Roelke ) posted how she’s has made available on Amazon.com two more short-story compilations, for only $1 each. I shared this idea and link with two co-workers who I’ve done NaNoWriMo with in the past.

Before I knew it, the three of us:

  • Discussed a project plan where we would right a group of short-stories
  • Developed a writing schedule to write two stories every two weeks
  • Decided on an editing schedule for editing each other’s work
  • Finalized a final draft submission time frame
  • Outlined the steps to get our set of six to nine short stories published on Amazon.com into a compilation / anthology, similar to what Ms. Roelke did

The whole process moved so fast, I didn’t know what hit me. God not only answered my prayer by plugging me in with other writers, but we are working on a project together, which brings accountability and deadlines to the process!

Have I been thinking more about writing since I started blogging again? Yes.

Have I been fanning the flames of motivation by connecting with other writers and reading material on writing? Yes.

Have I been writing more since I’ve set 2013 goals? Ah, so-so.

Regardless of my lack of writing so far. . . with this whirlwind of a writing project I’ve been swept up into by these other two writers, 2013 is re-shaping my writing goals and I’m exited about there being a lot more writing this year than last.

Last unrelated note: I was reading Brandon Sanderson’s official author site and liked his idea of visually tracking project progress, so I’m working on my own tracker, as seen below.

(click to enlarge)