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Like most projects, a postmortem review of how well the project goals were implemented is crucial in making the next project(s) that much more successful.  But when reviewing how well last year’s writing efforts went, well. . . that can be discouraging in some cases and exciting in others.

For me I set out to do a couple of things in 2012:

  • 2nd edit of non-fiction Journaling book
  • 1st edit of fantasy novel
  • write a new mystery series
  • be consistent with this blog
  • successfully complete another NaNoWriMo project

What I did accomplish:

  • 3rd edit on non-fiction Journaling book
  • recorded lots of new story ideas
  • went from 1 blog post / day to 2-3 times a week, to nearly once every 10 days

Lessons learned from 2012 accomplishments / failures:

  • I did find I got caught up with many other things than actual writing
    • editing
    • blogging
    • world building
    • research
  • I fell short of my goals because I still don’t have the correct writing habits built up. When there is zero habit in creating new content, then zero to too little new content is created and I don’t get better at writing
    • I was watching Vevo – You Play Like a Girl (Misia) and it says in there that she believes in the 10,000 hours to become great rule. I’ve heard of lots of rules but not this one before. But it makes sense. If I want to be a great editor I should spend most of my time editing. If I want to be a great writer, I need to write!
  • I did not make writing a priority. Some of the things that threw off my normal schedule and were easy excuses to not write:
    • new video game came out on the market that everyone at work was playing and I “had” to play too
    • Thanksgiving holidays
    • 3-weeks of jury duty
    • Christmas holidays
    • vacation
    • a backlog of work because I had only been in the office 8 business days in the last month and a half, due the holidays, jury duty and vacation
    • getting deathly sick this week and missing more work, thus backlogging my work that much more

2013 Goals:

  • Write no less than 1,000 new words per day
  • Only once I’m done with the daily writing goal, can I attempt to do the following:
    • 1st edit of fantasy novel
    • finish 4th draft of non-fiction Journaling book
    • finish 1st draft of non-fiction Journaling Companion book (25% complete)
    • a once-a-week Friday blog post

Trying to keep it simple and achievable. If I want to be a great writer, I’m going to put the time into actually writing!